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Professional Edge Nursing

In Home Survey (IHS)

IHS program is a single in-home visit: engage members and to provide solutions for the Area of Focus identified with the referral.

Transitions (TR)

TR is a 30-day post hospital 2 visit program: 1st visit is to identify and review the red flags that resulted from the hospitalization and educate how to manage the signs and symptoms. Care Managers review that members they have all medications and DME in the home. 2nd visit is to review that they have managed the signs and symptoms, consulted with their PCP, and are compliant to any changes made by the PCP.

Long Term 4 (LT4)

LT4 is a 4 visit a month program: to comprise a plan of care to educate members of their disease process and medication reviews. To ensure the member remains safely in the home without unnecessary hospitalizations.

Long Term 2 (LT2)

LT2 is a 2 visit a month program: this program was designed as a step down from LT4, you will use the information gathered from the LT4 program as a guide and provide the member with the knowledge and tools to improve by understanding their disease process and medication.


TELE program is 2 phone calls per month: Monitor any signs of decline within their disease process with the ability to move them back to a different program and/or higher level of intervention.


LifeCare – is a program that allows a family member to request a 1- time visit to with the Member and provide the family information about how the Member is progressing.